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Writing Mentor
ETS’s Writing Mentor® app helps you to develop your academic writing skill
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ETS’s Writing Mentor app helps you with academic writing!
This add-on provides students with two writing practice modes: Paragraph Writing Practice and Extended Writing. Just getting comfortable with writing? Get started with Paragraph Writing Practice! Or, work with the app to reflect upon, and revise your school and college writing assignments so that they are in good shape for your reader!

In Paragraph Writing Practice, users have guided opportunities to work with “Sam”  and to get writing help, feedback,  and badges while practicing paragraph writing. In Extended Writing mode, users work with “Sam” to get detailed feedback that helps them to ‘reflect’ on longer academic writing assignments. Basic feedback is intended to help students evaluate their own writing and make their assignments well-developed by drawing attention to main topic and mood development in an assignment, coherent through evaluation of text structure and flow, and well-edited by paying attention to errors in grammar and spelling, and word choice. Advanced Feedback helps students evaluate their writing to make sure it is convincing through appropriate use of claims and sources, In both modes, users can get a downloadable PDF report that illustrates how users have attended to their assignment. Reports may be helpful to instructors to illustrate students’ use of the add-on.
A User of Writing Mentor
December 2, 2019
Its bad it doesn't work and you quickly forget that its even there.
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A User of Writing Mentor
November 14, 2018
It kept on saying that it couldn't edit tables and graphs- only text but I didn't even have any graphs and/or tables in my paper.
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A user of Writing Mentor
January 29, 2019
Sometimes the system interprets images in footnotes, such as the line that appears above a footnote as an image and the system will hiccup.
A User of Writing Mentor
January 26, 2018
great helper
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