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XTRF Smart Views
Google Apps Add-on to integrate your spreadsheets with your XTRF Views
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Have you ever dealt with an issue that you wanted to transfer your XTRF Platform data to the external spreadsheet? XTRF Smart View Add-On enables you to export your data stored in XTRF Language Business Platform to Google online spreadsheets where you can process them further. In an easy and expedient way you can prepare the desired data view in XTRF Platform for projects, quotes, vendors or clients and transfer this data to the Google spreadsheet. In addition, you can strictly define which data you want to share with your associates and how the data should be displayed. Want even more? The exported data can be refreshed in real-time, therefore each single change made in XTRF Platform can be transfered to the Google spreadsheet immediately. The concept behind that is to make browse data available in the external sheet where your associate only needs to have a link to the required view in the XTRF Platform instance and a generated access token.

    Does your associate use their own tool while working on data? XTRF Smart View Add-On is a perfect solution whenever your partner use any external application to process data without gaining access to XTRF Platform directly.
    Tired with the copy and paste options whenever exporting your data to the Google documents? Not any more while using the XTRF Smart View Add-On. Exporting your data to the Google spreadsheets gives you an opportunity to export your data. Afterwards, you can enhance your data using any other external Add-Ons available in the Google Add-Ons library.    

The final step is giving your associate all information which is required to run the XTRF Smart View Add-On. You need to transfer to your associate the following pieces of information:

1. The access token you have generated in the Generate an Access Token for Your Associate section.
2. The URL to the customized view you have prepared in XTRF Language Business Platform.

To obtain the URL , perform the following steps:

        1. Sign-in to XTRF Platform.
        2. Go to the module where you have prepared the customized view according to steps described in the Customize a User View section.
        3. Click the View drop-down menu in a given display.
        4. Select the customized view you have prepared. The display is reloaded.
        5. Copy the URL in your browser. This URL contains all information on view data which is going to be transfered and displayed in Google Sheets.

An example of the URL to the customized view of all projects might look as follows:   https://localhost:8443/xtrf/faces/project/browse.seam?viewId=339.

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October 13, 2015
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