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Le plus populaire des outils de publipostage pour Gmail. Envoyez des campagnes avec haute déliverabilité directement depuis Google Sheets.
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Le plus populaire des outils de publipostage pour Gmail. Envoyez des campagnes avec haute déliverabilité directement depuis Google Sheets.

Most popular mail merge for Gmail. Send mass personalised emails in bulk directly from Google Sheets and Gmail.

Deliver mass emails to the primary inbox. Get a click rate up to 20x higher than with traditional emailing solutions such as Mailchimp or Hubspot. Track opens, clicks, bounces, and responses in real-time directly from Google Sheets.


After having installed the YAMM add-on: 
1. Write your draft in Gmail with template variables such as {{First name}}.
2. List your contacts in a Google Sheet and add personalized data based on your draft.
3. Launch YAMM via the add-on menu, receive a test email to make sure everything works, and send the email to your list from your account or an alias.
4.Track the results in real-time from your spreadsheet.
5. (optional) Send a follow up


➤ Free plan: 50 emails / user / day
➤ Paid plans:


Whether it be for personal or professional use, Yet Another Mail Merge has something for everyone.
➤ Outbound sales: drive and generate new leads through targeted cold emails. YAMM is easier to use than tools such as Salesloft, Yesware, Mixmax or Outreach.
➤ Link building: acquire more hyperlinks with less time thanks to YAMM’s personalized emails and links.
➤ Talent sourcing: source new and better candidates with personalized job descriptions.
➤ Education: communicate with your students or their parents all at once with personalized emails.
➤ Non-profit and political organizations can create campaigns to find new voters, communicate with donors, and inform their members.
➤ Event invitations: for webinars, conferences, job-dating, meetups, weddings, fairs, etc.
➤ Google Form email notifications: notify your form respondents after they’ve answered and send those submissions to the relevant people.
➤ Send a PR campaign to journalists, bloggers and influencers on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or TikTok. 
➤ Send individual download links for a new internal app or corporate profile pictures to your employees.
➤ Send personalized Christmas wishes, holiday greetings, and Happy New Year’s emails.
➤ Send personalized thank you emails to friends, family, colleagues, recruiters, crowdfunding members, or Product Hunt upvoters.
➤ Send payment or rent reminders to a list of clients with their invoice attached.
➤ Send periodic newsletters on your latest products, features, or news.
➤ Distribute personalized invites to Zoom, Google Meet or Calendly meetings.
➤ Announce a new feature to a select number of users that asked for it through support channels in Zendesk or Intercom.
➤ Sales, marketing representatives, and recruiters can easily create targeted outbound campaigns by extracting their contact list from their CRM (Salesforce, Hubspot, Copper, Pipedrive).
➤ Account managers can manage their portfolio of clients, whether in an enterprise or an e-commerce setting, by writing to their Shopify, Magento or Prestashop customers.

Our users come from all types and sizes of organizations, industries, and locations. 


Composing Features

➤ Create your message directly in Gmail (you can use saved Gmail templates).
➤ Personalize subject lines, email body, links, images and attachments to make your emails as convincing as possible.
➤ Send personalized attachments to each email (upload files to Google Drive and use YAMM to attach them to your email campaigns).
➤ Insert personalized links / images to each email (no need for HTML, just use the functions =HYPERLINK() and =IMAGE() in your sheet).
➤ Send a test email to review your email before sending it to all your recipients.
➤ Create beautiful and responsive templates with HTML and CSS.
➤ Write your email in HTML and CSS directly inside your Gmail draft.
➤ Use media queries with HTML in your Gmail draft to send responsive emails that are mobile friendly.
➤ Import contacts data in one click (name, email, phone number…) from Google Contacts.
➤ Add unsubscribe links and easily remain compliant with CAN-SPAM and other email delivery rules.
➤ Automated check to let you know if you should change something to avoid being blacklisted by spam filters.

Tracking Features

➤ Track opens, clicks, and responses for each email sent.
➤ Track bounces.
➤ Track unsubscribes.
➤ All tracking happens in real time from the spreadsheet.

Sending Features

➤ Follow up on your previous campaign to a target group: people who opened, people who didn’t open, people who didn’t answer, to all your contact list, or to new contacts that have been added through Zapier.
➤ Segment contacts and follow-up effortlessly using Google Sheets’ filters or one of YAMM’s predefined follow-up helpers.
➤ Schedule your mail merge to go out at the right time to increase the open rate.
➤ Send using email aliases you prefer and configure personalized or global cc and bcc addresses.

Bonus Features

➤ Create quick email surveys that recipients can answer in one single click from their inbox. 
➤ Send email notifications when your Google Form gets a submission. Notifications can be sent to respondents and/or other people.
➤ Automatically split your campaign over multiple days if you need to send over 1500 emails.
➤ Be warned of future bounces.
➤ Follow up as a reply in the same thread and make it easy for recipients to get full context.
➤ Access all past campaigns from your personal dashboard on our website: 


➤ YAMM has an up to 20x open and click rate compared to traditional email solutions such as Hubspot, Mailchimp, Convertkit, Campaign Monitor, Mailjet, Mailgun, Sendgrid, Mailshake or Saleshandy.
➤ YAMM lets you use the tools you know and love such as Gmail and Google Sheets. You don’t have to learn complicated UI like with Salesloft, Outreach, Yesware, Mailshake, ContactMonkey, Saleshandy or Woodpecker.
➤ YAMM has some cool features like tracking responses, following up in the same thread, sending one-click surveys, sending Google Form notifications, etc.
➤ YAMM integrates seamlessly with Gmail: you can write your draft in Gmail and use Gmail saved templates. Easily find your mail merges from your Gmail inbox thanks to labels. You can also use the companion Dashboard Gmail add-on to better manage your mail merges from your inbox.
➤ YAMM integrates with Google Sheets: YAMM plays well with filtered, hidden or added rows, with HYPERLINK() and IMAGE() formulas, and updates the rows’ status in real-time. YAMM also works with Google Forms connected to a Google Sheet.
➤ YAMM has a world class customer support team that works around the clock.
➤ YAMM is built by the company behind AODocs, Awesome Table, and Form Publisher, which has some of the best Google Workspace expertise in the world.


Do you need some help with YAMM? 
➤  We have an extensive documentation website with many examples available here:
➤ You can also contact our lovely support agents directly here:
➤ Send your first mail merge tutorial:
➤ Video tutorials:


Your data stays in your Google Sheets and your Gmail account. YAMM is GDPR compliant as we do not store or transfer any personal data. This is because your data (mailing list) is stored in your Google Sheets and is never saved in our database.

Our YAMM DPA is available online and is incorporated by reference to the Terms of Service that you (or your domain admin) accepts when starting using the application.

Upon completion of DPA, it is stipulated that: The application of lawful data transfer mechanisms for our customers who wish to transfer personal data to a third country (outside the EEA) in accordance with Article 45 or 46 of the GDPR, relies on entering into Standard Contractual Clauses or offer any alternative transfer solution if requested (for example, the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield).

On July 16, 2020, the Court of Justice of the European Union issued a judgment declaring as “invalid” the European Commission’s Decision (EU) 2016/1250 of 12 July 2016 on the adequacy of the protection provided by the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield. As a result of that decision, the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework is no longer a valid mechanism to comply with EU data protection requirements when transferring personal data from the European Union to the United States. 
However, Awesome Gapps does not depend on the Privacy Shield mechanism. Rather, Awesome Gapps relies on the Standard Contractual Clauses to transfer all of its users’ EEA personal data in compliance with the GDPR. The Court confirmed that such Standard Contractual Clauses remain a valid data export mechanism. The Standard Contractual Clauses are referenced in and automatically apply through Awesome Gapps' Data Processing Addendum, which you can find here.
This means that our users can take comfort that their EEA personal data continues to be protected to European standards in compliance with applicable data protection laws including GDPR.

YAMM has been certified by iKeepSafe to be FERPA and COPPA compliant.

All those provisions make Yet Another Mail Merge safe to use.

Please find all the information you need about privacy, GDPR, HIPAA, FERPA, COPPA our DPA and BAA here:

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In other languages, YAMM is a tool for:  seriendruck | combinar correspondencia | combinación de correspondencia | Stampa unione | e-merge | fusion et publipostage ou envoi groupé d’emails personnalisés | mala direta | دمج المراسلات | 邮件合并 | מיזוג דואר | 편지 병합  | слияние почты | वीडियो: मेल मर्ज

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YAMM is a popular mail merge add-on available in the Google Workspace Marketplace alternative to GMass, Email Notifications for Google Forms, Form Mule, Form Notifications, Mail Merge with Attachments, Mail Merge, and Mailmeteor, Email Merge, Mergo
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Profile Picture
Un utilisateur de Yet Another Mail Merge: Publipostage Gmail
1 juillet 2015
Pas de problèmes jusque-là ! Utilisateur débutante, par contre (10 mails/semaine). La fonctionnalité de suivre l'envoi et l'ouverture des mails est vraiment très pratique.
Cet avis est-il utile ?
Profile Picture
Un utilisateur de Yet Another Mail Merge: Publipostage Gmail
2 avril 2019
C'est nul que l'on ne puisse pas programmer son rythme d'envois. J'ai 1000 mails a envoyer, je dois me connecter 50 fois pour pas que ca soit spammé !!
Cet avis est-il utile ?
Profile Picture
Un utilisateur de Yet Another Mail Merge: Publipostage Gmail
16 janvier 2016
Je ne l'ai pas encore maîtrisé. Par exemple les salutations personnalisées avec prénoms et noms des destinataires me sont encore difficile à utiliser. Mais le service est convivial et rapide. Si vous avez un message à envoyer à plus de dix personnes, plus nécessaire de réécrire. Et le meilleur est que chaque personne trouve un message personnalisé. Pas toute une liste de récipiendaires à voir dans l'adresse! Génial, quoi.
Cet avis est-il utile ?
Profile Picture
Un utilisateur de Yet Another Mail Merge: Publipostage Gmail
16 juin 2016
bon logiciel mais à priori obligé de faire l'envoi à toutes les adresses mail du fichier ecxel pas possible de faire un tri
Cet avis est-il utile ?
Profile Picture
Jessica Gobert
17 octobre 2019
J'adore! Je passe mon temps à l'utiliser! Très bonne façon de voir si les destinataires ont reçu, lu ou même cliqué le cas échéant. On peut modifier le nom de l'expéditeur comme on le souhaite et donc envoyer un mail au nom d'une équipe, d'une autre personne... Gain de temps astronomique sur des envois de masse! Outil formidable, je le conseille très fortement!
Cet avis est-il utile ?
Profile Picture
Un utilisateur de Yet Another Mail Merge: Publipostage Gmail
12 novembre 2015
Super utile, je l'utilise pour communiquer mon feedback et leurs points à mes étudiants. Comme j'en ai beaucoup, cela permet qu'ils reçoivent chacun un email personnalisé sans que cela représente une trop grosse charge de travail supplémentaire pour moi. Bravo!!
Cet avis est-il utile ?
Profile Picture
Un utilisateur de Yet Another Mail Merge: Publipostage Gmail
21 octobre 2018
Très simple d'utilisation. Outil pratique et rapide. Conseil : ajoutez des formulaires d'aide traduites en français.
Cet avis est-il utile ?
Profile Picture
Un utilisateur de Yet Another Mail Merge: Publipostage Gmail
23 avril 2019
j'aime Yamm, très pratique, mais je veux obtenir du quota supplémentaire, comme proposé par l'application, en invitant des amis.... cela ne fonctionne pas du tout pour moi. Je rentre l'adresse et clique sur "send invites", et la petite roue se met a tourner, infiniment, cela n'aboutit jamais et mon ami ne reçoit pas l'invitation. Est ce que quelqu'un a réussi a inviter des gens et a obtenir plus de quotas et comment ? merci !
Cet avis est-il utile ?
Profile Picture
Chrystele Blachot
17 mars 2015
Très bon module complémentaire, un peu compliqué, mais pratique.
Cet avis est-il utile ?
Profile Picture
Un utilisateur de Yet Another Mail Merge: Publipostage Gmail
16 juin 2019
hyper simple d'utilisation, pratique pour envoyer des mails personnalisés dans le cadre d'une petite asso !
Cet avis est-il utile ?
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