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YT Tracker - YouTube stats on Google Sheet
Track real-time stats of YouTube videos/channels like no of likes, subscribers on a Google sheet. Export all public video metrics of any channel.
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With YT Tracker, you can export public real-time YouTube video/channel stats to Google sheet. All you have to do is pasting the video/channel ID to the first column of the sheet, YT Tracker will do the rest.

YT Tracker is fast as it uses YouTube Data APIs to pull data. A test run proved it exports 1000 video details in approximately 57 seconds. You can paste video/channel IDs in bulk to the sheet to pull data.

You can also export stats of all the videos from a channel to a sheet in descending order of upload time.

With an option to disable, you can auto refresh the metrics whenever you open the sheet. You can pick the list of parameters you want to export to the sheet. You can choose to abbreviate the counts.

Use cases:
If you scrape publically available YouTube video/channel statistics manually or by some web scraper scripts, this add-on is something you can’t live without.

List of fields YT Tracker can export:
Following video stats,
Title, Description, Channel Name, Channel ID, Published on, Thumbnail, Duration, Is Licensed, Is Live now, Live Viewers, Live Start Time, Live End Time, Live Scheduled Start Time, Live Scheduled End Time, Caption Available, Tags, # of views, # of likes, # of dislikes, # of comments.

Following channel metrics,
Title, Description, Published on, Thumbnail, # of videos, # of views, # of subscribers.

➤ Export stats of any public YouTube video/channel.
➤ All exported data is real-time.
➤ Export all videos uploaded by any particular channel to a sheet.
➤ Refresh data on demand.
➤ Abbreviate counts with a config.
➤ Pick and export the data fields you are interested in.
➤ Auto refresh the sheet data on open, with an option to disable via config.

Needed permissions explained:
➤ View your YouTube account
This is the least sensitive permission the add-on must have to fetch any public YouTube data. YT Tracker doesn’t fetch any personal YouTube data.

➤ See, edit, create and delete your spreadsheets in Google Drive
As the metrics are exported to a spreadsheet this permission is needed. YT Tracker doesn’t delete or create any spreadsheet.

➤ Connect to an external service
YT Tracker makes requests to developer’s backend to check if you are a premium user.

➤ Allow this application to run when you are not present
Auto refresh on open feature needs this permission to work. YT Tracker won’t ever run on its own in the background when the sheet is closed.

➤ Display and run third-party web content in prompts and sidebars inside Google applications
If you want premium features, payment can be done within the sheet. To run PayPal in the sidebar,  this permission is required. 

How to use:
1. After installing, select Add-ons → YT Tracker → Track YouTube Videos/Channels.
2. Wait for a few seconds, a sheet will be generated with a template.
3. Add video ids/channel ids to the first column of the sheet to start tracking.

YT Tracker is absolutely free to use with some limitations in its functionality. However, you can buy premium to use it without any limitations. 

For example, you can only add 50 videos for statistics in videos sheet and 10 channels in channels sheet in the free version.

Select Add-ons → YT Tracker → Buy Premium to unlock premium features.

Detailed instructions -

Feature Requests
I constantly work to improve the add-on. If you want any new feature, feel free to drop a mail at
A User of YT Tracker - YouTube stats on Google Sheet
February 11, 2020
YT Tracker - YouTube stats on Google Sheet. Very good
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A User of YT Tracker - YouTube stats on Google Sheet
December 23, 2019
This program is great for beginners. Thanks YouTube. #YouTube
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A User of YT Tracker - YouTube stats on Google Sheet
December 21, 2019
I like this app
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A User of YT Tracker - YouTube stats on Google Sheet
December 2, 2019
amazing very accurate
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Stefan Grant
October 15, 2019
Amazing product super fast support when I had issue love it!
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A User of YT Tracker - YouTube stats on Google Sheet
April 24, 2019
Amazing add-on. Accurately fetches and tracks all the information on videos my influencers have put out. Has saved me a lot of time and streamlined my reporting of important information like view count. Thank you!!!
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A User of YT Tracker - YouTube stats on Google Sheet
March 26, 2019
Love this add-on. It's the most accurate views and subs generator that I've used, and it helps me keep real-time track of both the channels I work with and the videos that I've executed on. If you need to consistently have up-to-date numbers for campaigns and for proposals, I highly recommend installing this add-on. It makes life much easier and keeps you from having to manually update the numbers, which took up way too much time prior to my installing this. You won't regret getting! And I definitely recommend the premium version!
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A User of YT Tracker - YouTube stats on Google Sheet
October 13, 2018
Fantastic addon, perfect for tracking statistics of arbitrary channels, users, and videos. In addition to the beautiful sheet layouts it creates, it's covers exactly the functions I needed. My particular use-case involved tracking and charting uploads over a channel's lifetime and this is the only tool I found that enabled this - and it's drop-dead easy to use, to boot. This is even without considering its other features like auto-refresh. I strongly recommend this addon if you need to do this kind of statistical work over users and channels.
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A user of YT Tracker - YouTube stats on Google Sheet
October 15, 2018
Thank you for the feedback..:)
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