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Zoho CRM - Kickstart with 10 FREE Users!
Zoho CRM is a flexible cloud-based CRM for your business that helps you attract, retain and delight customers.
1,393,025 users
Nurture leads and close more deals in less time. Build great customer relationships and retain existing customers.  

Engage with customers across every stage of the customer life-cycle. Streamline your sales processes and increase productivity. Create events, share tasks, follow mail conversations inside Zoho CRM. Zoho CRM gets you deep insights for AdWords investment.  
Automate your sales process to increase productivity and efficiency. Let Zoho CRM take care of your regular sales activities and follow-ups so you get more time to sell. 
Customize Zoho CRM to your specific needs: Create your own workflows using a simple drag-and-drop interface and advanced features like page layouts, custom buttons, custom 
functions and sandbox.  
The best customer relationship software to close deals faster which lets you: 
●Track Leads, Prospects, Business Opportunities. 
●Plan effective marketing activities. 
●Get a 360-degree view of your customer interactions. 
●Access more than 50 world class apps - Office Suite, Productivity Apps and Business Apps from Zoho and other vendors like Zendesk, MailChimp, SurveyMonkey, etc.. 
●Use Zoho CRM to keep track of your sales. 
●Build better relationships with your customers. 
●Get  real-time notifications about customer actions. 
●Automate your sales and marketing processes. 
●Get insights about customer interactions inside Zoho CRM. 
●Analyze trends and key CRM metrics with reports and dashboards. 
●Choose from over 50 integrations and add-ons like Zendesk, Mailchimp, SurveyMonkey and others. 
●No long term contracts. Pay as you go. 
Why Google and Zoho CRM go well together.​
Stop juggling between email and CRM.​
Get a better perspective of your customers' needs by tracking every email interaction from Gmail inside Zoho CRM.​
Easily share files.​
Attach files from Google Docs in Zoho CRM, and share documents that open online and work on any platform.​
Sync contacts and calendars.​
Add tasks from Zoho CRM to Google Tasks. ​
The best CRM for AdWords.​
Get a complete picture of your online ad campaigns. Get insights on your return on investment. 
Web forms for Google Sites.​
Use Zoho CRM to publish webforms to your Google Sites.​
View CRM data in Google.​
Quickly view your CRM data by using contextual gadgets in GMail and add your contacts, tasks and notes to Zoho CRM.​
Free for up to 10 users. Fully featured plans begin at $12/user/month.
June 19, 2016
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May 21, 2015
I've helped clients to select and install several different CRM systems over the years and used numerous others. Most recently I've extensively trialled some of the most popular cloud-based CRM systems that are integrated into Google Apps, including Capsule and Insightly. My conclusion after a month of using Zoho pretty intensively is that it is probably *not* the best for unsophisticated users. If you just want a glorified contact list with a pretty user interface and a basic link to MailChimp then you don't need the complexity of Zoho CRM. However Capsule and Insightly just don't work as well as Zoho when it comes to managing accounts, contacts and opportunities. It's said that the devil is in the detail and Zoho gets all the basics right so it's always quick to do what you need to do. The extensive customisation is also superb. This goes way beyond adding in a few custom fields; without too much effort you can get Zoho to prioritise what's important to your business while eliminating all the clutter. The integration with Google contacts puts it in a league above the likes of Capsule and Insightly. Again, it's the attention to detail and the configurability that makes it work so well. If you are fed up of double-entering contact details and not having contacts in your phone that should have sync'd from your current CRM, you'll find Zoho a real improvement. I only tested the 2-way sync briefly but it seems fine. The integration to Google mail (or any other email for that matter) uses a different approach to Capsule and Insightly. Rather than asking you to manually store emails from within Gmail, Zoho scans all your incoming emails and those that match a contact in Zoho get pulled in automatically (and yes, there are some pretty neat privacy settings to prevent everyone seeing sensitive emails). I guess this wouldn't be right for everyone: for example if your business model means you need to record emails against someone other than just the sender. However given the intermittent problems that Insightly's Gmail gadget had in Firefox, this is a far simpler, foolproof solution. The integration to Zoho Campaigns is better than any MailChimp integration that I've seen. With Capsule and Insightly the integration to MailChimp is OK but you get the impression the people who developed it don't actually manage marketing campaigns themselves. Zoho is again better because of a load of small details, done right. Where Zoho is let down is not the technology but the support. The documentation is fairly extensive but a bit too high level. They really need to get more specifics covered in there. The email and phone support is also pretty poor. Not the worst support you get from CRM companies, but while I was migrating to Zoho and had questions about best practice and data import, the support staff showed a lack of real understanding and gave stock answers that just didn't answer the question. For a power user this is frustrating. You can see an answer just beyond your reach but have to just use trial and error to work it out. For individual company users it probably wouldn't be an issue. Overall I recommend Zoho CRM highly. I am using the paid version, one step up from the cheapest at $25pm ($240pa).
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September 9, 2014
I imagine it's ok if you want standalone CRM that doesn't sync with google apps
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July 18, 2017
it syncs.
August 29, 2014
My review is based off The STANDARD Edition (This is PAID, not FREE), and using it with my organizations Google Apps Domain. Pros: Fields are very customizable (you must pay more for more custom fields) Cons: Mobile app does not let PAYING CUSTOMERS Edit, only View.... (must have Professional OR Enterprise Edition) They nickel and dime you for features, wont integrate with our Google apps email and Calendar unless your in one of the Top two Paid Plans.... Support is TERRIBLE. Heavy accents make it a little difficult to communicate, but the real problem is they are not very helpful. Took me over a month before someone finally was able to tell me i could not set my own Primary Key. 4 Months ago I requested that they Migrate a user in an individual account to our Google apps PAID account, and it STILL has not been done. Sent many emails and never got responses after the first Week.... I have given up on ZOHO, and am looking for a new solution. I DO NOT RECOMMEND! UPDATE: Their support SILL non-existent as far as I am concerned, bye bye ZOH...
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July 20, 2014
Fantastic and very good service and support
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As a small business, managing our sales workflow in the simplest and most effective way is crucial. Zoho CRM enables us to do just this with many added benefits such as market specific pricebooks that were just too complex to manage for us before. As a recent convert to Google Apps Premier as well, the new integration with the Google Marketplace is the icing on the cake.
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January 28, 2014
Decent product that we have been using for a few weeks, but the Zoho CRM "feature" for its Google Apps gadget add in is basically appends EVERY email in your organization with a Zoho search capability. While they call this a feature, Zoho has provided NO WAY TO SHUT THIS OFF. It is free advertising for them. Disappointing they don't care about their product enough to give the user an option to turn this off.
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You should find another CRM tool. Especially if you are going to pay for this. I've been using it for a year and it did what I needed. I had to contact tech support and it was an absolute terrible experience. I don't think they understand english. They never answered my questions. I mean never. I would ask very specific questions and they would send a response that was completely wrong. I didn't pay for it for just me but if I did I would be really annoyed. I don't recommend this product. There are a lot better CRM tools available on the net.
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February 24, 2013
Zoho CRM est l'outil qu'il vous faut si vous souhaitez gérer vos client de manière simple et efficace. Zoho CRM est un outil fiable répondant parfaitement à tous types de besoin grâce à se customization. Si vous souhaitez obtenir une web démo de Zoho CRM ou être accompagné pour l'intégrer à votre existant ou pour des formations, n'hésitez pas à contacter vivasoft. VivaSoft est consultant certifié Zoho CRM.
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January 24, 2013
I have been using Zoho for 4 months now. I evaluated all the CRM programs out there and decided Zoho was the best for the money. And I feel they are. At first it looks like a very simple program but the little features they put into it, and after you discover them are very powerful. Unfortunately, there are 2 areas I have run into problems with. One is reports. This is an inconvenience because you have to export them to Adobe or Excel and then spend additional time formatting. No formatting out to Adobe. This means you have to get the report function at an additional price. At the Enterprise stage, that should be included. BUT..the biggest problem I am having is syncing with Google contacts. This seems like a basic function that would be a necessity in CRM programs. First, the sync is only available once a day, or longer if you desire. This should be instant like Google and Outlook. Next, the data flow is not reliable. Google to Zoho is perfect. Zoho back to Google is flawed. On my system, it is non-existent. Furthermore, I have had instances where contacts were deleted out of Google because of changes made to the contact in Zoho. Customer support, tells me the developers are working on it. Well this has been going on for months with several unsuccessful attempts to resolve. When you lose a contact that you have had notes on for years, that is a big issue. Sure you can restore in Google, but with numerous users & thousands of contacts, who can? Duplicates are also rampid.
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January 16, 2017
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