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Zoho Reports
Visualize your data as beautiful charts and dashboards. Get valuable insights.
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Zoho Reports helps you analyze your data, wherever it may be, and to make informed decisions through intelligent dashboards and charts. You can slice and dice your data the way you want, by creating informative data visualizations. Zoho Reports has a drag-and-drop, spreadsheet-like interface, which is best for business intelligence. You can create the reports and dashboards you need, using a smart dashboard tool. Zoho Reports is a dashboard app that makes business analytics super easy by creating insightful reports and charts for your business.
Zoho Reports can analyze data from
- Google AdWords
- Google Analytics
- Google Drive Spreadsheets
- flat files (xls, csv, html, txt) in your desktop
- web feeds (xml, json)
- cloud storages (Google Drive, Zoho Docs, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, Box)
- apps (Zoho CRM, Salesforce, Zendesk, QuickBooks, Xero, MailChimp etc)
- databases (MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle etc)
Google Drive
Auto-sync data from your Google Spreadsheets with Zoho Reports. Create insightful reports on top of your Google Spreadsheets data.
Google AdWords
Set up sync between your Google AdWords account(s) and Zoho Reports, in a few clicks. Access 100+ readymade reports and dashboards. Create your own too. Share them with your colleagues and clients.
Google Analytics
Analyze your Google Analytics data. Provide fine grained access control of the Google Analytics data and reports, to your staff or clients.
Data aggregation
Collect and analyze data from across multiple sources. For example, create reports combining data from Google Analytics, Google AdWords and Google Drive.

Create reports collaboratively with your colleagues. Share them with fine grained permission control. Publish and embed dashboards in your intranet, website pages and apps.
Mobile Access
Access and interact with your live and dynamic reports and dashboards from Android tablets and iPads. Android phone app coming soon.
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