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Zumpul email signature marketing tool
Zumpul Gmail signatures, the best email marketing tool for business
63,818 users
Zumpul is a Web Application to manage GMail Signatures for Google Apps or G Suite

Zumpul allows administrator to manage and standardize the email signatures for the entire domain, also giving marketing department the possibility to add marketing messages in the employees signature.

Zumpul es una poderosa herramientas de marketing por correo, mejore sus firmas de correo de forma masiva con múltiples combinaciones que le permiten mostrar firmas de correos Gmail que mejoran sus venta o apreciación de sus productos de forma explosiva.

Zumpul la forma más fácil de mejorar las ventas en cada correo!

Con nuestra aplicación usted podrá administrar los correos de cada empleado dentro de su empresa de una forma centralizada; pensada para el usuario final con ingeniería que le permite enviar mensajes de marketing en cada correo de sus empleados.

Mejore sus ventas, presencia e imagen empresarial con diseños exclusivos, pensados para ello.

Usted puede:

Tener una imagen corporativa aplastante en sus firmas de correo.

Acceso a galerías premium de firmas con imágenes de correo para mejorar su imagen y ventas.

Puede cambiar las firmas de todos los empleados de sus empresa de un solo golpe, sin esperas o complicadas configuraciones.

Aeegle es una empresa especializada en Consultoría de Migración a la Nube y Desarrollo de Software con mas de 8 años en el mercado. Como parte de nuestro compromiso con la comunidad de usuarios Google Cloud y el ecosistema Nube ponemos a disposición Zumpul sin costo.
May 11, 2018
It's an amazing tool with great UI. User friendly interface makes it unique in a way that even non-IT guy can handle the signature management for the entire organization. Long story in short- it's a great tool!
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May 11, 2018
Excellent tool and value add to GSuite for any business / organisation.
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April 17, 2018
This is an AWESOME tool!!! Easy to use. Easy configuration. Familiar WYSIWYG design tool. Code option. Friendly support. It's GREAT!!! One note: When you first test it, make sure to sign-out of Gmail and sign back in. Google might have a bit of caching so - signing back in helps to make the join.
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A Google User
November 30, 2017
After a minor learning curve, the interface is very easy to work with and does exactly what we need. Perfect for our organization.
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A Google User
November 7, 2017
I was looking around for a way to have a standard email template and issue it to all of the users in our domain centrally from administration. I researched a few and tried a couple then I came to discover Zumpul. When they told me it was free I decided to try it out as there was nothing to lose. Actually it's pretty good! It helps to be a little nerdy as it doesn't have a fool-proof UI yet but for the price it's great. The only time you need to upgrade is if you want to push changes on a daily basis automatically (for example to be sure your staff haven't changed their signature themselves) and, even then it's a very low cost especially compared to the others I looked at. I'm sure that the pricing will change as the product is refined and gets well known but, in the meantime, I'm enjoying the great functionality for free! So far the team at Aeegle have been fast to respond to my questions and suggestions which is amazing for a free product! We are using the legacy free GSuite.
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