After you sign up for a trial of G Suite, you'll be guided to verify your domain and set up Gmail. You can then start sending email, setting calendar appointments, and using video-conferencing with Hangouts.

Get started: Sign in to your Admin console

After you’ve signed up for your G Suite trial, activate your account to start using Gmail, Drive, Calendar and all your other services.

To activate, sign in to your Google Admin console and follow the setup instructions.

Go to your Admin console

  • Sign-in tips
    • Sign in with your G Suite email address and password. (This address ends with, and isn’t a @gmail or personal Google Account.) Get help signing in.
    • You can easily switch between accounts on the same device. Find out how to sign in to multiple accounts.
    • If you’re not able to sign in to your G Suite account, try our Troubleshooter.
    • The Admin console is where you (as an administrator of the account) manage Google services for your team, manage billing, and more.

Users and email addresses

In the Admin console, click Start Setup to launch the Setup Wizard. You’ll give each team member an email address at your domain (like, so they can start using Gmail, Calendar, Hangouts, and all the other G Suite services.

During your trial period, you can add up to 10 users for free. (If you have more than 10 users, choose “Manual Setup” from the Setup Wizard.) You can add your users individually, or you can add several users at once. Find out more about options for adding users.

If you don’t have any users other than yourself, you can skip this step.

Domain verification

In your Admin console, you'll follow steps to verify that your own your domain. You'll get a verification code to add to your website or your domain settings.

We help you identify your domain host and give you step-by-step instructions if you’ve forgotten who it is, or if you’re not sure how to proceed. Find out more about verifying your domain.

Fast, personal setup assistance: After you’ve signed up for a G Suite trial, our Google Setup Advisors help you quickly activate your account, including setting up your business Gmail and verifying your domain.

Set up Gmail

To start using Gmail, you’ll update your domain's settings to start using Gmail. We also provide tools to help migrate your old emails and contacts to your new Gmail inbox. If you'd like help, our Google Support team can assist you, 24/7. Find out more about setting up Gmail.

You’re ready to start using G Suite.

After you finish activating your account, it’s time to start exploring. Get set up on mobile devices, add a signature to your emails, migrate your existing email, and more.

Go to G Suite setup for administrators

Need help? Contact G Suite Support

Call our Support team, available 24/7. Please have your G Suite PIN ready.

Phone numbers for additional countries and languages​.

Find out how to verify your domain

More support options

  • Questions about your personal Gmail account? Find answers and tips at the Gmail forum and Help Center.
  • If you use the legacy free edition of G Suite, see the forum or consider upgrading.

Common questions

  • Can I buy a domain when I sign up for G Suite?

    Yes, you can buy a domain from Google when you sign up for G Suite.

    You can also use a domain that you already own. You don’t need to transfer your existing domain to Google to use G Suite—you simply need to verify that you own it by going to your domain host (where you bought the domain) and adding a record we provide to your DNS records. We’ll help you identify who your host is and walk you through that process after you sign up.

  • How do I set up Calendar, Hangouts, and Drive?

    You can use Google Calendar, Hangouts, and Drive on a computer or a mobile device, and any changes you make on one device syncs automatically to your other devices. Make life simpler by setting up your G Suite using recommended settings: visit the Quick Start Setup Guides page.

  • Why do I need to log into my domain host?

    Before you can start using your services, you need to show that you own the domain you want to use with G Suite. You do this by logging in to your domain host, where you bought your domain, and adding a Google verification record to the site. That way, we know that it’s really you who owns this domain. You’ll also go back to your domain host to get your email sent to Google servers so you can use Gmail with your domain’s email address. Find out more about verification and setting up Gmail.

  • What if I don’t want to complete the setup process right now?

    If you decide to stop the Setup Wizard at some stage when you sign up for G Suite, you can come back to it later. You can resume the setup process from your Admin console. Access the wizard: Sign in to the Admin console, by clicking Settings in the top corner and selecting Setup. The Setup Wizard guides you through the verification process, adding users, setting up Gmail, and migrating your data. If you skip certain steps, like verification or setting up email, you won’t be able to have full access to G Suite (like Gmail).

  • How do I transfer my contacts, calendar events, and old emails?

    Before you begin transferring your users’ data, you have to make sure you’ve added those users to your G Suite account. From your Admin console, click “Migrations” and follow the wizard to move your email, contacts, and calendar data to G Suite. If you don't have other users, see the simple migration overview.

  • How do I set up G Suite on my mobile device?

    You can access and sync your email, calendar, docs, on your mobile devices, so you’ll see the same information and options whether you’re using G Suite on your computer, phone, or tablet. To do this, download the Gmail, Calendar, Drive, and Hangouts apps on your device. You can also go to or in a mobile web browser. You can manage the settings for your team so they can use G Suite on their mobile devices. Find out more about how to go mobile.

  • What can I do in the Google Admin console?

    The Admin console is where you can manage all of your settings for your G Suite services. This includes creating email addresses for your users, setting up your preferences for your apps, adding a domain alias for free, choosing your security options and permissions, and managing your billing settings.

  • Can I set up more than one domain with G Suite?

    If you have more than one domain, you can give yourself and your team a second email address for your other domains for free. You can add up to 20 domains as domain aliases to your G Suite account. Each user can have up to 30 aliases. See more about domain aliases.

  • When does my G Suite trial period end?

    You’ll see how many days of your trial are left in the G Suite Admin console, under Billing. Your remaining days are listed under under Subscriptions. If you’d like to continue using Gmail, Drive, and your other apps, then simply choose a billing plan from your Admin console. You should do this before the end of your trial to avoid any interruptions in your service. Compare billing plans.

  • What happens when my trial period ends?

    Choose your billing plan and add your details early so there’s no interruption to your email or other services when the trial ends. You can set up flexible monthly billing or commit to a full year with a discount. In the Admin console, click Billing to see your billing information. Find out more about billing.