Get your business email up and running.

Find out how to import your old emails, use labels instead of folders, and add your signature to your emails.

Also, find more tips on making the most of Gmail.


Connect with the people you work with using Google Contacts.

Add your team and set up your organization with a directory.

Learn how to import your personal contacts, create groups, and collaborate with your team.


Google Calendar makes it easy to share events and schedules with your team.

Learn how to set sharing settings, to import your events from other calendars, and to create resources, such as rooms and equipment, that you'll need to schedule meetings and events.


With Google Drive, you can back up your organization’s files, share files with your team, and work on documents from anywhere with your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Use this guide to select recommended syncing and sharing settings.


Set up Hangouts so your team can start chatting and making video calls.

Then learn how to add video meetings to Calendar events, share your screen, and other tips.

  Groups for Business

Discover how Groups for Business can make communicating with your team members more efficient. Learn how to create mailing lists and how to use a single email address to share documents and files with a whole group.

You can also give your users autonomy and let them create and manage their own groups.