Calendar setup guide

  1. Tailor calendar sharing settings.
  2. Import your old calendar.
  3. Add rooms and other resources.
  4. Set up business essentials.

What you'll need

A G Suite administrator account

10-15 minutes

Calendar FAQ

What you can do with Calendar

Share team calendars and schedules

Share team calendars

Overlay people's individual calendars to find meeting times that work for everyone. Create team calendars for projects or workgroups that everyone can post to.

Calendar on your mobile device

Manage Calendar on your mobile device

You can view all the events in your calendar on your mobile device. Simply download the official Google Calendar app from Google Play or the App Store, and your events will be synced to your mobile device.

Publish your business calendar

Publish your business calendar

Let customers know about your upcoming events and announcements. Create a public calendar and post it on your website.