Enterprise deployment
Use our change management resources and technical guides to roll out G Suite to a large organization.

If your organization has fewer than 200 users, see Small business quick start or Medium businesses deployment.

At a glance: 90-day enterprise rollout

Phase 1: Core IT staff starts using G Suite

Day 0-30: Set up G Suite user accounts and Gmail for your pilot IT staff so they can start using G Suite in their daily work. Plan your organization's data migration, mobile, and authentication strategies, and announce the upcoming transition.

Run a 5-step pilot

Phase 2: Early adopters starts using G Suite

Day 31-60: Create accounts and route messages for a selection of early adopters (~5% of your users). Begin migrating their email, calendar, and contacts to G Suite and configuring their mobile devices. Continue to build your organization’s awareness about the transition, and plan your Help Desk operations.

Set up your G Suite services

Phase 3: Go-live for the organization

Day 61-90: Create G Suite accounts for your remaining users. Complete the migration of users’ data and launch your authentication services. After that, you can route all users' mail to Gmail. Prepare your go-live communications, training, and support for users.

Train your team

Technical guides

Use our Technical Transition Guide to plan your deployment to G Suite. The guide covers planning, setting up email, importing data, and more.

Download the Technical Transition Guide

Looking for more guides on transition, migration, synchronization, and networking?

See all deployment guides

Change management

You can help your users transition smoothly to G Suite and help them be more efficient and collaborative by providing live and pre-recorded training.

Get your users quickly up-to-speed with G Suite by following a streamlined change management plan.

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Next steps

Feature release options

As the administrator, you control when your organization receives new features and updates. They can be added automatically as they are released by Google, or you can decide when new features become available.

Learn about the release process

Train your team

Visit User training to help your users get familiar with G Suite and master G Suite for the workplace. You’ll find weekly tips, videos, training guides, examples of how organizations are using G Suite, and other resources to work smarter.

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