Section 5: Manage Account
Sign in to your Admin console, add your billing details, and manage security settings.

Billing and payments

  • Select a G Suite plan.
  • Enter payment information.

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Explore the Admin console

  • Find out what you can do in the Google Admin console, such as adding your company logo and billing info.

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G Suite security best practices

  • Keep your account secure with strong passwords, 2-Step Verification, alerts on your account, and more best practices.

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Protect your domain with SPF records

  • Sign in to your domain host.
  • Add an SPF record to your DNS zone.

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Cancel your G Suite account

  • Delete your user data.
  • Cancel your G Suite subscription.

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Add more storage and upgrade

  • Upgrade to G Suite Business and get more storage, Google Vault, and more admin controls for a team.

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  • How do I sign in to my Admin console?

    To sign in to your Google Admin console, go to and enter your G Suite username and password. Your G Suite email is your business domain email you set up with G Suite, not your email or your personal email.

    If you’ve forgotten your password, click Need help?. You’ll be prompted for the last password you remember. If you don’t remember that password, click Try a different question.

    Your recovery email or phone number is the one you used when you first signed up for G Suite (often your personal email account).

  • Why does my my personal Gmail account show up on the Google sign-in page? Where’s my G Suite sign-in page?

    You sign in to your Google Admin console at

    If you want to sign in to your G Suite account, but you keep seeing your personal Gmail email on the Google sign-in page, remove your Gmail account. Click Remove an account, then click Removecancel. This account won’t show up again unless you sign in to it once more. You can now sign in using your G Suite email and password (doesn’t end in @gmail).

  • What can I do if I can’t access the Admin console for my G Suite account?
    If you’re having trouble signing in to your Admin console, and you’re not sure why, visit the Admin Help Center to get help.
  • What’s the difference between a Gmail account, a Google account, and a G Suite account?

    If you have a free Gmail email account (an email address that ends in, then you already have a Google (or Gmail) account. A free Google account gives you access to other free Google products, like Google Docs and Google Drive.

    Your G Suite account is your paid subscription to G Suite, which includes your professional email (like through Gmail; Google Calendar; Drive; Google Docs, Sheets, Slides; and more. You access your G Suite account at

  • How do I review my security and privacy settings for my G Suite account?

    Go to You can take a privacy and security check-up, find your phone, check your device activity, and more.

    From the dashboard:

    • Click Sign in & security to view or change your options for signing in to Google, setting up 2-Step Verification, and review security alert settings.
    • Click Personal info & privacy to change your phone number, manage Google+ settings, and review your activity.
    • Click Account preferences to check your Drive storage, change the language of your Google web services, or delete services.
  • Can I add more domains to G Suite?

    You can add other domains you own to G Suite at no extra cost, and you (and your users) can have an email address at either domains. For example, you can have and, and manage both identities in one admin console.

    You can add a second domain as an alias (alternate) for your primary domain or add it as a separate, secondary domain.

    Adding an alias gives you (and your users) a second email address, but emails sent to either address arrive in the same inbox. If you want to have separate identities, you can add a secondary domain instead.

    Find out which is better for you in the Admin Help Center.

  • How do I get access to Google Support?
    24/7 support is included with your G Suite subscription, so you can get help to verify your domain, set up Gmail, migrate your data, or troubleshoot particular issues. To contact Support, sign in to your Admin console, click Help help_outline at the top near the search bar, and in the pop-up window, click Contact support. Next, in the Description field, enter the issue you’re having, and click Chat, Phone, or Email.
  • How secure is my data with G Suite?
    G Suite benefits from the protections that Google uses itself as an enterprise. It has a robust infrastructure to keep your data secure, including 100% email encryption and 2-step authentication. Visit our G Suite FAQ on security to find out more.
  • What are the differences between G Suite editions?

    You can sign up or upgrade from a consumer (personal Gmail address) to G Suite Basic, Business (includes G Suite Education), and Enterprise editions. G Suite Business and Enterprise offer more storage and more administrator controls. The edition most suited to you depends largely on the number of users you have and the size and setup of your business.

    Compare editions in our Help Center, or contact us to find out which edition is best for you.

  • How do I update my billing information or change my subscription?

    Visit your Google Admin console to update your billing address. To change the credit card or account that’s invoiced, you have to enter the card or account as a new payment method. These settings are available in the Billing section from your Admin console. Click Billing > Actions > Access billing account.

    To change your subscription (for example, from a monthly to an annual subscription), visit the Admin Help Center and choose your situation to see instructions.

    You add users slightly differently depending on your subscription. If you’re on the Flexible Plan for billing, you can add users at any time from your Admin console, and you’ll be billed for that user license. If you’re on the Annual Plan, you can additional users (but not remove them). If you signed up through a reseller, you need to contact your reseller.

    Find out more about adding licenses in the Admin Help Center.