Section 2: Meetings
Schedule video meetings and send invitations directly through your Calendar events.

Schedule and start a Hangouts Meet event

  • Schedule and start a Hangouts Meet video meeting from Google Calendar or from your web browser.

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Join a Hangouts Meet video call

  • Join a Hangouts Meet video meeting from a Calendar event or a link, and find out what you can do in a meeting.

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Share your screen on Hangouts Meet

  • Make a presentation to your guests by sharing your screen.
  • Share your entire screen or just one window.

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Work with Gmail and Calendar offline

  • Write emails in Gmail and respond to Calendar events, even if you don’t have an internet connection.

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Create or share a calendar

  • Add a second calendar.
  • Share your calendar with a person or group.

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Customize your Calendar settings

  • Set up notifications for your events.
  • Choose how you see your calendar and events.

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  • Can I use Calendar for appointments?
    Yes, you can set up your Google Calendar with appointment slots that people can book. In Calendar, click on any day, and in the pop-up, at the top, click Appointment slots. Enter the appointment block details, and then copy the URL so you can send it to others. When you’re done, click Save. Your appointment slot shows up like a regular event and will be updated when someone books a slot.
  • How do I use Calendar offline (without an internet connection)?

    You can see your Calendar and respond to events even when you’re offline. Your changes will be synced when you go online again. To set up Calendar offline, use the Chrome browser and download the Calendar web app from the Chrome Web Store. In Calendar, click Settings > Calendar settings and select Offline.

    If you’re using a mobile device, enable Calendar offline and access your calendar using the Google Calendar app.

    Note: We don’t recommend that you enable Google Calendar offline on a shared or public computer because your event information is downloaded to the computer.

  • Can I sync my Google Calendar with an Apple device (iOS)?
    Yes. You can add your G Suite account to your Apple® iOS® device and sync your Calendar, Gmail, Google Drive, and more. Follow these instructions in the Admin Help Center.
  • What’s the difference between Meet and Hangouts?
    Hangouts Meet makes it even easier to create and join a meeting than it was in classic Hangouts. You can invite guests simply by sharing a URL link, or they can join using the meeting link from a Calendar invite. Customers with G Suite Enterprise (for large businesses) can dial in to a meeting with a number using their phone (audio only).
  • Can I set SMS and email reminders for my Calendar events?
    By default, Calendar displays a pop-up reminder 10 minutes before an event. You can change reminder times and frequencies.
  • Can I delegate my Calendar to my assistant?
    You can grant your assistant access to your Calendar. They can then schedule and respond to calendar invitations on your behalf.
  • Can I migrate my Calendar events from another program?
    Yes. If you use Yahoo!®, Hotmail®, iCloud®, AOL®, or another POP3 service, you can download your Calendar events in a CSV or vCard file format and then import them into Calendar. You can also import events directly from a different Gmail account. Follow these steps to migrate your Calendar events.
  • Can I add my Google Calendar to another calendar application?
    If you have another calendar application and you want to see both those events and events from your Google Calendar together in that application, you can sync your Google Calendar. You’ll be able to see and change Google Calendar events from that application. To do this, you have to add your Google Calendar in your other calendar application. Find out more in the Admin Help Center about syncing Calendar to other calendar applications.
  • How can I see my Google Calendar on my mobile phone or tablet?
    To see or edit your Google Calendar to your mobile phone or tablet, you can sync Calendar to your phone’s or tablet’s native application (see Can I sync my Google Calendar with an Apple device (iOS)?, above). Or you can download the Google Calendar mobile app. Find out more about syncing your Google Calendar to a mobile device.