Section 3: Go mobile
Get emails, hold Hangouts Meet video calls, edit documents, and sync G Suite to your mobile device.

Download G Suite apps to your mobile device

  • Download the Gmail, Hangouts Meet, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides apps, and more.

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Add your G Suite email to your mobile device’s mail app

  • Get G Suite email and Calendar on your device’s pre-installed apps instead of downloading Gmail and Calendar apps.

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Work with documents on your mobile device

  • Download the mobile apps for Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides
  • Create, edit, and share files from your mobile device.

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Add email accounts to your Gmail app

  • Switch between Gmail accounts, keep your emails separate for each account, or get all your Gmail account emails in one inbox.

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Hold video meetings from your phone

  • Download the mobile app for Hangouts Meet on your Android phone or iPhone and and start a video meeting.

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Give Google voice commands

  • Download the Google app and talk instead of type. Say “Ok Google” and search for an email, start an app, get the weather, find a restaurant, and get directions—just with your voice.

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Learn more at the G Suite Learning Center:


  • How do I set up G Suite on a iPhone or iPad?

    You can set up G Suite on an iPhone or iPad and have your data synced to your mobile device. For example, you can start writing an email on your computer, then send it from your phone when you’re on-the-go. The easiest way to set up G Suite on your mobile device is to download Google mobile apps (such as Gmail, Hangouts Meet, and Google Calendar) from the Apple® App Store®. Once you install one, simply sign in with your G Suite username and password. Your data will sync automatically.

    You can also sync G Suite to your iOS® device’s native apps by using the Google Device Policy app or setting up an Exchange account. Learn more in the Admin Help Center.

  • How do I set up G Suite on an Android phone or tablet?
    With an Android device, several Google apps are already pre-installed, and you can sync your G Suite mail, Google Contacts, and Calendar mobile apps by signing in to your G Suite account. You do this by going to the Accounts section of your Settings and agreeing to the Terms of Service. Syncing may take a few minutes. Then launch Gmail, Calendar, Hangouts Meet or any other Google mobile app, and you can start using your services.
  • How can I use Google Drive on my mobile device?
    You can easily access your files and documents from your phone or tablet using the mobile app for Google Drive. Download and install the Drive app for Android or for iOS devices. Tap the app and sign in with your G Suite username and password. You’ll see all your files and documents there. Any changes you make from your mobile device will sync across all your devices.
  • Can I use G Suite on my Android Wear smartwatch?
    Yes, you can sync your Android Wear smartwatch with your G Suite services. You can respond to messages, see your next appointment, view your contacts, and more. You’ll connect the watch to your phone, and then to G Suite. Follow the instructions to get G Suite on your Android Wear smartwatch.
  • How do I schedule a meeting with Hangouts Meet from my phone or tablet?
    To schedule a meeting with Hangouts Meet from your mobile device, download and install the mobile app for Meet (or classic Hangouts). Install the app and sign in with your G Suite username and password. See more detailed instructions to start video meetings from your phone.
  • Should I add 2-step verification for G Suite?

    You can use 2-Step Verification to make your G Suite account more secure. With 2-Step Verification, you enter a code or tap a prompt on your phone. Instead of getting a verification code on your phone, you tap a prompt to confirm that you’re trying to sign in. This makes it a little faster to sign in.

    First, add 2-step verification to your G Suite account. Next, find out how to sign in using 2-step verification phone prompt.

  • What if I want to change my Gmail signature on my mobile device?
    You can have a different signature for your messages when they’re sent from your Gmail app on your mobile device. This signature will be different from the signature sent when you’re using Gmail on your computer. To do this, open your Gmail on your phone, tap Menu, scroll to the bottom and tap Settings. Then, tap Signature, add the text you want, and tap OK.
  • How do I reduce the energy consumption of my apps on my mobile device?
    You can help save battery life by turning down your screen brightness (or turning off Auto-Brightness), turning off Bluetooth, and closing apps you’re not using. If you’re on a data plan and don’t need WiFi, you can turn that off as well. Optionally, you can turn off Location services, too. On an Android device, you can see what’s using the most power on your phone. To see this, go to Settings and look for Battery or Power Management (in some phones, look in About Phone).
  • How can I use my phone to collaborate with someone on a Google document?

    You can use G Suite on your mobile device to work together on a Google document. Use Hangouts Meet (or classic Hangouts) to start a video meeting and sync on the project. Then use Drive to open the document and work together on it simultaneously. You’ll see each other’s edits in different colors.

    If someone has shared a file with you, tap the Drive app on your phone to open it, then click Menu > Shared with me. You’ll see the files that have been shared with you. Tap the file to open it. You can also share a file with someone by opening Drive, clicking Menu and tapping Add people.

  • Can I use G Suite on a Windows phone?
    You can set up G Suite on a Windows phone using the phone’s native apps and access your G Suite data using Google Sync. Visit this article in the Admin Help Center for step-by-step instructions to use Google Sync.