Localized resources and accessibility
Offer accessibility for G Suite and resources to your users in other languages with user guides, Help Centers, video captions, and product interfaces.
Help center localization

To change the language for a Help Center, click the displayed language at the bottom of the page and select your language from the list.

G Suite Help Centers

G Suite video captions

The G Suite YouTube channel provides several videos with localized captions.

Here's how your users can turn on these captions:

  1. Import contacts from another Gmail or email account
  2. Go to the G Suite YouTube channel.
  3. Click the video you want to play, or, at the top, click Playlists to see featured content.
  4. After the video starts playing, click Subtitles/CC to turn on subtitles.
  5. Some other YouTube videos have closed captioning available in other languages. To change the language for the video subtitles/closed captions, click Settings and select your language from the Subtitles/CC field.

G Suite YouTube channel

Choose your default language

As the administrator, you can choose a default language for G Suite.

Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, and other product interfaces are available in many languages. Generally, the language setting is available under Settings in the top corner of a product page.

For example, to change the display language for Gmail:

  1. Open your Gmail account, and at the top of the page, click Settings and select Settings.
  2. On the General tab next to Languages, select your language.
  3. At the bottom of the page, click Save Changes.
    Note: Some product features are not available in all languages. New features are initially available only in the English interfaces.

Change your language settings for the following services:

Accessibility for administrators

Our Help Center for administrators contains guides with recommendations for settings and support so you can provide the best experience for your team with regards to accessibility. You’ll also find Google’s approach to accessibility and compliance information.

You can read through the entire guide or view the section for a specific product.

Visit the Administrator guide to accessibility

Accessibility for your team

You can point your users to our Help Center guide to accessibility for users, which contains recommendations for screen readers and browsers and other resources on accessibility for G Suite.

Visit the G Suite user guide to accessibility