Build your support team
Get your team to help you manage your organization's G Suite account.
Make it easier to manage your G Suite account by adding another person as an administrator, creating your internal Help Desk, or adding your support contact details to your organization's G Suite sign-in page.
Add an administrator

We recommend that you add another user as an administrator, to support you and act as a backup in case you’re unavailable.

You can allow that user to perform all the tasks that you can, or you can limit what they're allowed to do on your organization’s G Suite account.

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Add support details

You can make your life as an administrator simpler by adding your support team's contact information to your sign-in page. This way, if someone forgets their password, for example, they can contact you to reset it.

You can add your support contact details to the Company Profile section of the Google Admin console.

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Train your support team

Your Help desk team can use all the administrator and user training guides listed on this page, but they can also get certified as administrators or deployment specialists.

Become a certified G Suite Administrator

Create your Help desk

Did you know that as the administrator, you can create your own Help desk to support your team?

There are many ways you can create your own Help desk. Here are some ideas:


Make sure your Help desk team knows where to go to resolve issues. The G Suite Administrator Help Center offers several support options from contacting Google’s support team to self-troubleshooting common issues.

G Suite Administrator help center

Training tools

Help your team make the most of their new services and direct them to user-facing G Suite Help Centers, weekly video tips, and more. There’s something for everyone, from basic functions to expert tips.

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