Enterprise Agreement Campaign Program Details (North America)

Terms and Conditions

  1. 1. Eligibility

    This offer (the "Offer") is made available by Google, Inc., subject to these Terms and Conditions (the “Offer Terms and Conditions”) to: (a) new G Suite or G Suite Unlimited (collectively, “GAfW”) business customers who are currently under an enterprise agreement with another office productivity suite service provider and who order GAfW from a participating G Suite partner and meet the requirements for Credit as set forth below (each, a “Qualifying Customer”); and/or (b) solely with respect to the Deployment Voucher and Security Workshop Voucher (collectively, “Voucher(s)”), new GAfW business customers who order GAfW from a participating G Suite partner and meet the Voucher requirements as set forth below (each, a “Qualifying Voucher Customer(s)”). As used in these Offer Terms and Conditions “you” refers to a Qualifying Customer and/or Qualifying Voucher Customer.

  2. 2. The Offer
    • a. G Suite Credit

      By signing up for GAfW through a participating G Suite partner under standard online GAfW terms and conditions a Qualifying Customer will receive GAfW without having to pay the standard GAfW service fees (“Credit”) for the remaining term of their existing enterprise agreement (“Remainder EA Term”) provided that at the time Qualifying Customer places its initial GAfW order for Credit it: (i) commits to a one year purchase term for at least the same quantity of GAfW licenses initially ordered, in addition to the Remainder EA Term; and (ii) places an initial minimum order of 250 GAfW licenses.

      This Credit will only apply to the quantity of GAfW licenses initially ordered under this Offer not to exceed a maximum of 3,000 GAfW licenses. Fees for additional GAfW purchases added after the initial order date will be as agreed upon between reseller and Qualifying Customer.

      Qualifying Customers will not be required to terminate their current enterprise agreement to receive the Credit. The Credit will apply only during the Remainder EA Term. However, where any Qualifying Credit Customer has a Remainder EA Term that is longer than three (3) years, Google reserves the right, exercisable in its sole discretion, to limit the Credit to a period of three (3) years only.

    • b. Vouchers

      Subject to the requirements below, Qualifying Voucher Customers who order a minimum of 100 GAfW licenses, may also be eligible to receive the Deployment Voucher and Security Workshop Voucher described below. The Vouchers will only apply to the quantity of GAfW licenses initially ordered under this Offer not to exceed a maximum of 3,000 GAfW licenses. Any additional costs that exceed the voucher amounts specified below are the sole responsibility of Qualifying Voucher Customers. Qualifying Voucher Customer must pay any fees for services provided by a G Suite partner directly to such partner. Vouchers may not be applied toward any other services, deliverables, or to offset other amounts owed to a G Suite partner except as expressly provided below.

      (i) Deployment Vouchers. Qualifying Customers or Qualifying Deployment Customers purchasing between 250 and 3,000 licenses will be entitled to a voucher issued by Google of up to $25 per license (“Deployment Voucher”) payable in installments to a participating G Suite partner in accordance with this clause.

      The Deployment Voucher will commit Google to making certain payments (as detailed below) to the relevant G Suite partner for provision of the following deployment services to the Qualifying Voucher Customer: domain activation, project management, implementation, customization, change management, training, configuration, and data migration services (“Implementation Services”). Google will make a payment to the participating G Suite partner providing the Implementation Services up to the value of the Deployment Voucher in two stages: (1) $10 per GAfW license upon the activation date of Qualifying Voucher Customer’s G Suite GAfW domain following execution of the applicable agreement with partner for such Implementation Services; and (2) $15 per GAfW license upon the Qualifying Voucher Customer meeting an adoption target of 50% 30-day active GAfW user accounts (as verified by Google) on either Gmail or Drive, whichever comes first; and provided the requirements under both (1) and (2) are each satisfied within 12 months from the activation date of the Qualifying Voucher Customer’s GAfW domain.

      (ii) Security Workshop Voucher. Qualifying Voucher Customers who meet the following requirements may be eligible to receive a voucher issued by Google at a value of $750 towards security workshop training delivered by participating G Suite partners (“Security Workshop Voucher”) provided the security workshop must be: (1) attended by Qualifying Voucher Customer within 2 calendar months from the activation date of its GAfW domain; (2) based on Google’s reasonable Security Workshop criteria as provided by Google; and (3) delivered by a G Suite partner trained by Google to provide the Security Workshop. All payments under this Security Workshop Voucher will be made by Google directly to the G Suite partner after Qualifying Voucher Customer’s initial GAfW order has been executed and completion of the workshop has been verified by Google.

  3. 3. How to activate the offer.

    To activate the Offer, you must provide your contact information. A dedicated Google customer representative will engage with you to confirm your company name, business address, phone number, email and basic business information and to verify that you are eligible for this Offer. The dedicated customer representative may discuss your current business needs and costs for office productivity, confirm the applicable period for the Credit, and identify the appropriate participating G Suite partner (if not already engaged) to assist you with signing up for GAfW and deployment (“Qualifying Information”). By submitting the foregoing Qualifying Information, you (i) opt in to activate the Offer and accept the Offer Terms and Conditions; (ii) consent to Google using your submitted information as permitted by the Google Privacy Policy; (iii) represent that you are not in breach of obligations (including confidentiality obligations) under any third party agreements; and (iv) represent that all Qualifying Information is true and accurate. Google reserves the right to conduct independent third party verification of any Qualifying Information you provide and you consent to the use of your submitted information for this purpose. Google will determine in its sole discretion your eligibility for the Offer, including whether you qualify for Credit and/or Vouchers. If you violate these Offer Terms and Conditions this Offer will no longer be valid.

    You acknowledge that Google will have no liability or responsibility under this Agreement for: the Implementation Services; any other work or services performed, or delivered, by a G Suite partner for you; any costs exceeding the Voucher amounts or Credit specified; and the terms of any agreements between you and a G Suite partner.

  4. 4. Term

    This is a limited time offer. In order to be considered for eligibility for this Offer, you must activate the Offer by December 31, 2016. Requirements for payments under Deployment Vouchers or Security Workshop Vouchers must then be satisfied by no later than 03/31/2018, and no payments under Vouchers will be made to the extent you fail to meet this deadline.

  5. 5. Territory

    This Offer will be valid in North America (including Canada) where GAfW is sold. Void where prohibited.

  6. 6. General Restrictions

    The Offer is limited to one per Qualifying Customer and Qualifying Voucher Customer and cannot be combined with any other offer. The Offer is not valid for upgrades from GAfW Standard Edition Product or for upgrades from Google Cloud to G Suite Unlimited.

  7. 7. Modification and Cancellation

    Google reserves the right to modify and/or cancel the Offer at any time.