Gartner’s 2016 report on the "top 10 strategic technology trends" disrupting digital and reshaping business touches on machine-learning technology, adaptive security architecture, advances in 3D-printing tools, and the new “digital mesh,” an expanding set of devices, individuals, information, and services that are fluidly and dynamically interconnected.

  • Digital mesh: Gartner urges IT leaders to evaluate the impact of the expanding set of end-user devices and to challenge how their organizations are creating materials, products and services.
  • Smart machine technologies: are allowing businesses to apply advanced analytics to enormous amounts of data to reshape their business models entirely.
  • New IT reality: One of Gartner’s acknowledgements is that advanced machine learning is giving rise to better and better virtual personal assistants (VPAs). Instead of pushing buttons while staring at the screen, the modern user is relying on the “autonomous agent” as the main user interface of his device.

figure 1 gartners top 10 strategic technology trends 2016

Download the PDF now to view the full report.

  • Author
    David W. Cearley, Mike J. Walker and Brian Burke, Gartner analysts

  • Topics
    Technology trends

  • Roles

  • Industries
    IT Leaders

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