Cracking the code on amazing customer service

Good Eggs uses simple tools to satisfy customers

Happy customers are literally the bread and butter of Good Eggs, a three-year-old company that brings the local farmers’ market to your front door.

To make sure they deliver on their promise of amazing customer service, managers use Google Spreadsheets to categorize customer complaints and put them into easily analyzed charts, which they can quickly share with colleagues in their four hub cities.

With G Suite, teams are able to track the customer experience every step of the way—from the minute people place their order on the website to the moment it’s delivered to their doorstep—so problems are addressed as fast as they come up.

Customer care managers also use Google Forms to create little quizzes called "knowledge puzzles" that help keep reps up to speed on the latest changes to delivery process, inventory, customer protocols, and more.

Teams in different time zones also meet regularly through Google Hangouts video chat, where they work together in real time on documents, reports and spreadsheets—ensuring that the information they’re sending to their customers is always as fresh and up to date as their produce. Watch to vide to learn more.

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    Bonnie Burgess, Customer Care Lead, Good Eggs

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