Google Vault

Information Governance for G Suite

More than five million businesses have made the move to G Suite to help employees work better together and be more productive, wherever and whenever they work. Google’s solution is 100% cloud-based, which means software updates are as easy as refreshing your browser. With G Suite, there are no servers to purchase and maintain, reducing IT cost and complexity.

Google Vault adds advanced data management and information governance capabilities to G Suite. It’s a next–generation archive, retention, and eDiscovery solution for Apps that helps reduce risk associated with litigation, investigation, and internal and regulatory compliance. It lowers business and IT costs by enabling companies to more effectively manage the information stored in G Suite.

What you get

A single archive for email with central information storage and in–place data management. Governance policies are applied directly to the data, natively in Gmail, eliminating the need for duplication in a separate archive.

Email & chat retention policies allow businesses to preserve and manage Gmail and on-the-record chat messages. Once a message reaches the end of the retention period, Google Vault automates compliance with retention policies. Automation helps enforce policies and procedures, maintenance of legal holds, and reduce risks of spoliation and non–compliance.

Legal holds help ensure Gmail and on–the–record chat messages are preserved for litigation and investigation purposes. This easy–to–use feature is designed to maintain data subject to legal hold beyond the standard retention periods to protect the business from non–compliance.

Administrative tools & audit reports allow businesses to define and manage granular roles and access, policies, and legal holds using simple, intuitive interfaces. Google Vault also lets users audit archive activity.

Google Vault eDiscovery and matters management allows authorized users to search for data that is relevant to a specific matter or investigation and return results quickly to help assess a case and determine how to respond. From these search results, authorized users can define, manage, and collaborate on email message collections. Email also can be exported from the archive for further review and processing.

How companies benefit

Reduced litigation and compliance risk

Google Vault provides information governance and eDiscovery capabilities that help customers define and automatically enforce email and chat archiving, retention, disposition, and legal holds. Google Vault helps users create defensible processes to reduce the risk associated with litigation and compliance management.

Lower costs

Traditional IT environments face high costs when confronted with managing, preserving and collecting email. Messages are typically dispersed on network drives, laptops, portable storage, and mobile devices. This makes it time–consuming and expensive to search for, identify, collect, and preserve relevant information for investigation and litigation. Google Vault dramatically reduces the costs associated with this level of data management.

A single, integrated collaboration and governance platform

G Suite and Google Vault combine to provide businesses with the only solution for collaboration, archiving, retention, and eDiscovery integrated into a single platform. With anywhere access, real-time collaboration, and in–place data management with no data duplication or reindexing needed.

Accelerated analysis and assessment

Google is able to add functionality to Google Vault, enhancing the features, capabilities, and risk management benefit for customers without manual system updates or patches, reducing management complexities for IT teams.

Independently verified security controls

Google Vault has successfully completed an SSAE 16 / ISAE 3402 SOC 2 Type II audit. Performed by Ernst & Young, this audit verifies a standard set of controls for security, availability, processing integrity and confidentiality of the data that is stored in Vault.

Google Vault Details

  • FeatureDetails
  • Message archiveStore and manage a single, native archive for all Gmail and on–the–record chat messages in place.
  • Retention policiesDefine and automatically apply governance policies to Gmail and chat messages based on numerous criteria.
  • Legal holdsPlace legal holds on Gmail and chat messages to maintain them beyond their standard retention policies for litigation purposes.
  • eDiscoverySearch across Gmail, attachments, and chats using multiple parameters, including content, sender, recipient, metadata, labels, and more. Search, preserve and export relevant data.
  • Matter managementUse matters to organize and save searches and results and collaborate with relevant response teams.
  • Message exportExport messages in MBOX format. Metadata and robust exception reports are automatically created.
  • Audit reportsReport on activities and actions of users in the archive at the matter or system level. Log-in, searches, data views, matter views or changes, exports and more are recorded and auditable.
  • Mobile accessAccess Google Vault on a variety of devices with modern HTML browsers.
  • Reliability & Security99.9 percent uptime service level agreement (SLA). SSAE 16 /ISAE 3402 SOC 2 Type II security audit.
  • Role based accessOnly authorized users can access, search and manage archive information, with granular, role–based access and controls.