Store, sync and share files with ease

Safely store all of your company’s data in one place. Access it easily from desktop and mobile devices and control how teams share files.

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Work confidently in the cloud with Drive’s data protection and admin tools

Drive has the tools to keep your company data safe and secure. With a central admin panel, Data Loss Prevention (DLP), and Vault for Drive, it's easy to manage users and file sharing, while meeting your organization's data compliance needs.

Get as much storage as you need

Never worry about storage quotas again with our G Suite Business plan offering unlimited cloud storage. Whether it be for your whole company or just for your team, Drive has pricing options to suit your company data needs.

Unlock the power of your company’s data

Using Google-powered machine learning, Drive makes your data more useful by predicting what you’ll need before you need it. Beyond just being able to easily find your content with features like natural language search & OCR, using signals such as your regular work patterns and scheduled meetings, Quick Access in Drive serves you what’s important without the need to search.

Built for teams

With Team Drives, you can rest easy knowing that all your team’s work is stored in safe, easy-to-manage shared spaces. Files added to Team Drives are owned collectively by the team, keeping everyone up to date and on the same page.

Work seamlessly with Drive on the tools you’re used to

Not only can you open 40+ different file types with Drive, including PDF’s and MPEG4’s, you can also work on Word files straight from Drive. Plugins for Microsoft Office and Outlook also make working with Drive as simple as possible.

Extend the power of Drive with 3rd-Party apps

Use hundreds of integrated apps, including DocuSign for e-signatures, CloudLock for additional security layers, and LucidCharts for mockups, to get things done directly from Drive.

Sync files to your computer automatically

Sync all or some of your files to your computer. Make changes on one device and it’s instantly updated across all your linked devices.

Easy-to-manage sharing controls

Keep files private until you decide to share them. Grant permission to download, edit, comment, or view, avoiding multiple versions and file merging. You can also set expiration dates for shared files.

Top questions about Drive

What file types can I upload to Drive?

You can upload any type of file to Google Drive, and convert certain types of files to a web-based Google document format: Docs, Sheets or Slides.

How much storage do I get with Google Drive?

Each user gets 30 GB of storage shared across Gmail and Google Drive for £3.30/user/month or unlimited storage for £6.60/user/month (accounts with fewer than 5 users will get 1 TB/user).

What's different about the paid version of Drive?

The paid version of Drive gives you access to additional storage (twice the storage of personal Gmail), 24/7 support, sharing controls and advanced reporting. For an additional £3.30 per user per month, you can upgrade to unlimited storage (accounts with fewer than 5 users will get 1 TB/user).